Capital Discovery Solutions -  A Judgment Enforcement Company

 Enforce the Judgment, You get PAID

At Capital Discovery Solutions, we enforce civil judgments throughout the state of Ohio. 

We know it's easier to get a money judgment than to enforce it. Your debtor may refuse to pay, hide assets, or even disappear.

That's where we come in.

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Capital Discovery Solutions:

Finds your debtor anywhere in the U.S.
Discovers the debtor's personal assets.
Locates debtor's employer anywhere.


We have the skills to locate bank accounts and seize them.
Uncover stocks & bond accounts and take them.
Locate real estate and personal property and put liens on them.
And much more...

Also, we take care of all paperwork, court filings, and court appearances. Our fee is based on a simple percentage of the money we collect.  A higher percentage for more difficult cases. 

But if we collect nothing, it costs you nothing. (Really).

We Enforce the Judgment, You get PAID 

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